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Substance Abuse & Addiction

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I possess a strong 12-Step program background, and also work with clients who do not fit in the 12 Step programs. Moving beyond substance dependence and abuse is not a matter of will power and character. Addiction can be very sticky and there are tried and true methods of achieving lasting abstinence.

Effective treatment must be holistic. More often than not, substance abuse is not the only problem. Co-occurring depression, PTSD or personality disorders must be identified and treated at the same time.

I work with individuals and their families. Sometimes family interventions are beneficial in helping clients become and remain substance free.

“Getting clean and sober is a lifelong process, and relapses are part of that process for many people. Relapses are often viewed as proof that the situation is hopeless - that is wrong. Used properly they can be used as platforms for moving ahead. They reveal the work that needs to be done.”

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