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Couples Therapy/Marriage Therapy

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When a couple makes the choice to seek outside wisdom to improve their relationship, they are very often amazed and delighted by the results. I have helped many couples achieve shared happiness in their union.

Career and children each place enormous stressors on a couple’s ability to be together in an intimate and satisfying way. Every couple has different ways of coping with the challenges, and counseling can provide the perspective and encouragement to re-create a shared vision and enthusiasm.

Occasionally couples reach a juncture where they re-evaluate their union to see if it is still viable. If they choose to part, how do they do so with a minimum of harm, especially if they have children?

Sometimes couples have issues because of the way they relate to one another, and seek coaching on how to alter their interactions in a manner that is acknowledging and supportive. This is a perfect domain for an objective skilled therapist to provide insights that can only be offered from the outside.

Nothing is more important than having the best relationship possible with your partner.