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  • Couples Therapy/ Marriage Therapy

    When a couple makes the choice to seek outside wisdom to improve their relationship, they are very often amazed and delighted by the results

  • Substance Abuse and Addiction

    I possess a strong 12-Step program background, and also work with clients who do not fit in the 12 Step programs.

Who I Am

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I work with individuals, couples and families. The approach is tailored to most effectively interact with each unique situation. If you would like more information don’t hesitate to call me at 646.745.7755 or email me using the form on my contact page.

My desire to work with people in achieving their goals and living satisfying lives has always been present. As I have moved through the challenges of my own life, it has become my primary interest. I have seen enough to convince me that a commitment to having a great life combined with openness to the ideas and support of qualified others makes anything possible.

I received my education from Fordham University, am licensed by the State of New York as a clinical therapist. Being a therapist is a second profession; having worked in the investment banking business for more than twenty years in roles varying from technical analyst to senior project manager. I have raised a family in New York City and have four grown children.

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Choosing A Psychotherapist

One of the most impactful actions when seeking to gain traction with the issues of living a satisfying life is the choice to work with a therapist. For many of us, this choice signaled a ground-breaking change in our approach to meeting the challenges we faced. It demonstrated a shift that embraced the possibility of tapping into knowledge and support outside our own skull. This becomes evident early in therapy, when one experiences striking catharsis as a result of new insights gained via therapeutic collaboration. It is thrilling to feel progress with issues that seemed unsolvable.

Therapy starts when you pick up the phone and begin interviewing therapists; being in action starts the process. Find someone with whom you can discuss anything, and who possesses the skills, empathy and insight to assist in the choices and actions that will move you along your path. Get clarity on the cost, and don’t hesitate to ask for a more affordable rate if that is what it will take to make therapy possible.

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